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free analytics for your podcast

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podswell provides you, dear podcaster, with:

  1. daily statistics - what episodes were downloaded today? three weeks ago?
  2. overall statistics - what is my best episode?
  3. statistics at a glance - how did that episode i recorded on onion soup do compared to that episode on shoes?
  4. churn map for episodes - do people listen to my episode, or do they stop listening after five minutes? (experimental)
  5. embeddable player for you sites
  6. share knowledge with other podcasters - you can see how many of listeners you share with other podcasts. this lets you do all kinds of cross promotions

how do i start?

very easy: fill this form - and then talk to us.

that sounds fishy

yes, but think about this

  1. this is free, as in - you don’t pay anything.
  2. you control everything - you own the domain, the itunes link, the existing hosting. if we go away, you still control your podcast
  3. this is not self service, yet - we vet and configure the server for every new podcast.
  4. you can join our users’ group here and request features. we try to accomodate anything sensible

ok, so what do i do?

if you got here, you either talked to us before and just continue talking to us. or get in touch with us on facebook.

why do you do that?

we like podcasts. we’re intrigued by the technology. we like analytics. we did it for ourselves, but really there is very little additional cost in helping other podcasts. it’s also our hobby. some people run marathons. we do podcasts.